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Our mind, body, and spirt are all connected, and the way our emotions affect our body is not separate. In this video, you will learn how your body responds to the emotional stress you’re experiencing, as well as the unique messages the most common pains and ailments in the body are trying to tell you. I also teach you a powerful energy healing technique, EFT, which will help you process and rebalance your body to it’s natural state.

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Do you want to create a Spiritual Practice that is easier to stay consistent with, and be able to feel the results in your daily life? Trina shares 4 key components for an affective Spiritual Practice routine that you can use to add your own intentions, personality and schedule with, and make it your own.


The experience of transition often brings with it tremendous challenge that we often misinterpret as punishment or something to be avoided. But life’s transitions are essential to developing and becoming who you Truly are capable of being in this world, along with everything you desire. In this series, you will learn 6 steps to evolve from one state of being to another in a way that allows Grace, brings you Peace, and defines Purpose for your life.

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Do you change or diminish your authentic self to feel more secure in relationships or at work? Discover your core belief system, where you learned how to love, and how it may be affecting you in every area of your life today. In part 2, you’ll learn the surprising Truth about your emotions, the healing you may be avoiding, and how to use what your feeling as guidance rather than fear or shame. PLUS: The Healing Messages Behind Every Emotion Chart and Journal Questions

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The degree to which you struggle with receiving what you desire in relationships, may be due to the level of codependent behavior you have adapted. In this series, Trina walks you through every step of healing and creating the relationships and outcome you want and are worthy of.

Video 1: Is It Love or Codependency?

Video 2: Mission: Free the Codependent

Video 3: What to say and how to say it (Communication & Boundaries)

Video 4: A life without Codependency

Video 5: The Codependent /Addict/Narcissist Dance


What should you expect in 2019, and how can you best align with the energies that are supporting you now?

In this jam packed coaching session, we discussed:

Why 2018 was challenging and its’ purpose for us.

Why 2019 is going to be the most transformational year yet.

The one thing you must do now in order to evolve and manifest your desires in 2019, and key things to be aware of.

The role everyone’s most powerful spiritual gift is going to play in 2019, and how to develop it.

Past inventory - tracking and shedding what can and can’t move forward.

Why we don’t do the things that bring us closer to what we want.

How to integrate the old (past) and new (present) together, and get unstuck.

Connect with your Soul’s True path, from a new place of alignment, rather than lack.

If you are sensitive or empathic, suffer from high anxiety, panic attacks, or low grade depression, this one tool may change everything for you!

Trina teaches and guides you through an energy release tool, that will help you release negative energy from your body, and reclaim the your own energy back to you .